The world is going down the toilet and Europe has now reached the first place in this dreadful race. But still, there’s some things that give me hope. There’s the Internet (yes I subscribed to this new religion) and there’s the music. I’m somehow glad that I’m part of these times where everything is so unstable and chaotic, because it encourages change and creativity and makes us stronger (we still have to go past 2012 right?). And in these confusing times, and in this contradictory country that is Italy, I’m glad that I’m there where the good music blossoms from the floors of heated and sweaty buildings. The music that is hardly played on the radio, but which still attracts hundreds of motivated fans every night.

And just in a couple of weeks, my heart was lifted by all the good concerts I’ve attended: the energetic Après La Classe, who made us all dance and sweat in happiness, the experimental Debora Petrina, who has shown her talent as a young and growing musician/songwriter, the eclectic A Toys Orchestra with Beatrice Antolini, making us feel like we’re seeing Pearl Jam at the beginning of the 90s, the multi instrumental Opa Cupa, lighting up the beautiful Roman church they were playing in, and the sarcastic songwriter Gappa, accompanied by the sound of acoustic guitars. I’m more than satisfied, I just try to avoid reading the news. And tonight it’s the time of Iori’s Eyes, one of my favorite indie bands of this weird country I’m living in.