frestyl is back from MI AMI, the most famous festival of independent Italian music. Last year we went to check out the scene and talk with some of the bands and record labels. This year, we went official and had a frestyl stand with an astonishing banner, plenty of frestyl schwag (t-shirts, pins and good looking flyers) and of course our charming presence 🙂

Lots of talking, good feedback, good weather (apart from the clouds of dust), beers and nice stand neighbors (thanks to Teo from Aiuola for the fun and “technical” support, the guys at Sounday for the ideas and the collaborative mood, and the guys at Schiaffo Edizioni for the entertainment). And a big thanks to everyone who stopped by!!

Just a little less of the music compared to last year (you can’t have everything right?). But we got there just on time to see LE-LI performing, the amazing folk/experimental band that will play at the frestyl showcase, Italians do it Live in NYC later this month. The second day was musically more intense, as we were able to see reggae-girl Mama Majas, who sings in a mix between Jamaican and Pugliese and captures you with her energy. We then saw bits of the very good math rock group Aucan, the experimental Ex-Otago, the surf band Ronin (who look like heavy metal guys but are very chilled out!), the always excellent …A Toys Orchestra and last but not least The Zen Circus (one of my fav Italian bands that I’ve been wanting to see for ages!) with Nada as a special guest. But only if you’re Italian, you’ll understand what that means! (I’m not sure @deadroxy appreciated as much as I did, indeed!). The third day was a bit musically scarce but I was very happy to see Brunori Sas (someone I’ve been hearing about a lot but never got to see live!), who pulled together an outstanding live show, very different from the (also fantastic) album he released last year.

That’s it from MI AMI – stay tuned for some news about the frestyl showcase in NYC!

:: karmanet