Introducing: POSI

Author, songwriter, producer and sought-after DJ, POSI is direct, sharp, cynical and frank enough to be censored even by Facebook. Outsider, anti-star and detached from all the musical clichés, she can be considered a “black swan” in the Italian music scene. POSI is always faithful to words in rhyme, and draw- ing from her extensive musical background she employs electronic, innovative, and almost psychedelic sounds. Part of the Italian rap scene since 1998, she has collaborated with Rahzel and Italian main-stream musicians like Articolo 31 and Donatella Rettore.

Together with photographer and videomaker J.b. Brown, POSI established the indie record label “Electronoplectro,” a collective of artists, musicians and de- signers. In 2009, POSI released her third album, “I Like Posi!”. Her unmistakable and overwhelming sounds are characterized by the emotional journey of her frank and non-hypocritical lyrics. The singles “Voglio Farmi La DJ” (“I Wanna do the DJ”) and “Lamette” (“Razor Blades”) are accompanied by hypnotic music videos that are regularly aired on the most-viewed Italian TV channels. In her new single, “Non Ti Affezionare Mai a Me” (“Don’t Ever Get Attached to Me”) POSI asserts the need for sincere relationships between people. Known for her turntablist ability, POSI is also the Italian face of the DJ equipment produced by “Denon DJ .”

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