Introducing: LE-LI

“My Life On A Pear Tree” is the debut album from the Italian duo LE-LI. It’s an intimate and autobiographical record deeply inspired by 70s pop/folk with rich arrangements and unusual sounds; it is both playful and melancholic at the same time. The record creates a child-like atmosphere using toy instruments while simultaneously incorporating 70s-inspired string and horn arrangements. The record presents short songs with catchy refrains, and minimal lyrics sung by the whispery voice of Leli.

Leli was born in 1981 in Vicenza and after a few years spent playing rock & roll around Italy and Europe, she started writing sweet and mellow songs. She stud- ied double bass and sitar for her degree in music. Leli first met John, her partner in crime, at university in Bologna in 2001. John was born in Bologna in 1980, and before giving life to the band LE-LI, he and Leli worked together to form The Hunzikers. For LE-LI’s first NYC concerts, they will play a minimalistic set with Leli on vocals and guitar and John on drums and banjo.

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Mp3s from “My Life On A Pear Tree”:
Cenere Sul Tavolo
In The Backyard