It was about the fourth time that Kings of Convenience were playing in the city I was currently living in, and I had already missed the past three shows. So when they came (again) to play in Rome (29th June) I was curious to see them as I like their music (well, let’s say their first album mainly) and I heard mixed reviews about their live show from my friends. Some told me that they were boring, others that they were particularly entertaining (especially the eclectic and nerdy Erlend Øye). However, I was put off by the price of their show (I’m, perhaps, not used to spending 40€ for a gig anymore!) and the counter-offer to see a friend of a friend’s show at Blow Club in San Lorenzo (Rome), which is “really” close to my house (does that make me cheap and lazy?). I was a bit skeptical about this option as with the weather I found it weird to see an inside show with this heat and most likely no air conditioning (most venues are closed in Rome in this period of the year) . Surprisingly, the Blow Club was not too hot and it was full of people (I still wonder how people find out about live shows here considering the lack of information about them). And, the band playing was really good.

Mamavegas is an Italian band based in Rome (but its founders are from Salerno) who has recently changed its line up, added a new singer and released a very pleasant EP that you can download at your own price from their label’s website (42 Records – one of the few surviving Italian small independent record labels, they also produce My Awesome Mixtape and Late Guest At The Party).

With their new line up, and perhaps too many people playing on a very small stage (but that could also be seen as a fascinating side of the small venue culture), Mamavegas delivered a very good live show, sort of noise/post rock but contaminated by indie rock and electronic sounds. Apparently (but this was the first time I’d seen them), the new singer really glues together the band, and I can believe that. You should definitely check them out…