Reggae has never been my favorite music genre, I have to admit it, despite the fact that, as millions of other people, I could probably sing along to most Bob Marley songs when they come on the radio. However, a couple of years ago I was captured by an Italian reggae band called Boom Da Bash, especially their catchy song “‘Til Di End“, one of those you can hardly get out of your head. Their whole album, UnO, was a very pleasant listen, and in the rainy, cold London summer it just sounded like a loud call from a far away exotic beach. It made you believe that if you opened the window you could actually see the sea and feel its breeze.

Boom Da Bash also made me realize that there is quite a strong reggae tradition in Italy, especially in Puglia. Something that was reinforced for me this year at MI AMI, where we saw Mama Marjas playing live, as we mentioned previously on this blog. I’ve already complimented this young singer – she’s very good and powerful live. Alone with a DJ to support her (Don Ciccio), she managed to entertain the whole MI AMI crowd on a hot June afternoon in Milan, and make us all jump and sing “Ganja” for a good few minutes. We were all ecstatic, and I believe that only for few people this was actually caused by the ganja itself…

It took me, however, a good couple of months to get the first album from Mama Marjas, B-lady. And it was a good idea as it set the stage for some seaside holiday. This album, like the Boom Da Bash one, also projects you far away to an exotic beach and makes you want to just lie there and sip a gigantic cocktail. Mama Marjas has a voice that makes Amy Winehouse really look like a pale girl from the North, and her mix of Italian dialect and English seems to almost create a new language which sounds perfect for reggae. Or at least I think so, and I want to remind you that I’m no expert when it comes to reggae. In any case, you should definitely get B-lady if you want to feel like you are on holiday, or, of course, if you are preparing to go.