roxy has been nagging me for years to see Carmen Consoli live. For the ones who don’t know her, she’s (in Italy) a pretty famous rock singer/songwriter, who roxy has discovered, all the way from the US, through the OST of the movie “L’Ultimo Bacio”, whose Hollywood remake (pretty unimpressive) is called “The Last Kiss”. Carmen Consoli, especially because of her peculiar voice and style, is one of those that can either be loved or hated. Between roxy and I, we’re 50-50; roxy loves her unconditionally, and I could never really stand her, honestly. Also, she has a reputation of being a not extremely nice person, something that to was confirmed for me by how she recently strongly denied being gay in an interview with Vanity Fair. Considering that her following is a good 40% lesbian from what I’ve seen at her live show, no matter what her real sexual preferences are, that is just not cool. At least I don’t think it is.

Anyway, the setting that was offered to me to see Carmen Consoli live, at the Cube Festival in Gallipoli, Puglia, was very appealing as it’s a beautiful part of Italy, and another bonus was that our Serpenti were playing as a the supporting band. So the whole frestyl team transferred to Puglia (including our jodosha) and was there, on the 11th of August at 10.30pm, when Serpenti opened the show in great style. Well, what can I say, I just love them and can’t stop enjoying their live show (how many times have I seen them over the past year? Five? Six? I can’t even remember), to the point that I’ve now lost any perspective to be able to say anything new about them, except that they’re awesome. What else…they played for a little less than usual, and they didn’t play one of my favorite songs that lately has been closing their show, “Se Lascio Perdo”. However, a consolation was a brand new closing song, the very good soundtrack to the Italian spot of Ceres (the beer), “It’s In Your Head”, a collaboration between Serpenti and another promising Italian band called The Record’s.

On to Carmen Consoli. I was actually impressed by her live show. I knew she was a good musician and performer (I did actually see her in a festival something like 10 years ago), and she is. Playing the bass with confidence, and with a very talented band, she delivered a pretty good and varied rock show, which I’m sure didn’t disappoint her fans and attracted the interest of the skeptical ones like myself. Still, after a while all the songs started to sound a bit similar and repetitive, and at the end I would have survived also without the encore.

One thing I have to say in favor of Carmen Consoli: among the Italian famous (again, mainly in Italy) rock singers/songwriters (see also Ligabue and Vasco) who have managed to constantly fill stadiums for the past ten years, she’s one of the few who’s tried (and also, in part, succeed) to slightly change her style over the years, going from an angry feminist rock style to a more chilled folksy one. I’m quite curious to know what foreign people might think of her.

From a quite different live show from the one we saw – one of Carmen Consoli new songs which I like better: “Mandaci Una Cartolina”