roxy here. Not to bring divisiveness to the blog but I (and jodosha, sorry karmanet, frestyl is 66:33 in favor) still heart Carmen Consoli. I won’t go into a long explanation trying to convince everyone that she’s legendary musician capable of staying two steps ahead of the curve, gracefully transforming and evolving her musical style while never trying to reinvent herself. No. I will use the video above (incidentally of my favorite song off the new album, Mio Zio) to prove two things:

1. Carmen Consoli is hot*
2. Carmen Consoli destroys Patti Smith with her voice**

Feel me?

: roxy.

* in that wild-hair-lipstick-on-my-face-i-play-the-bass way
** karmanet: “I thought that was Ozzy Osbourne.”