Just a quick message to express a (pleasantly) overwhelming feeling about the next week of concerts in Rome. After a couple of quiet months, music is back in the capital, and we’ll definitely do our best to stay tuned in.

First, tonight (4th September) is the second day of the electronic music festival called “Get Numb” @ Spazio Roma, . There’s definitely quite a few electronic music festivals here, and despite me being a fan of this genre, I still haven’t managed to see one, and seems like I’ll have to pass on this too, unfortunately. And I have to be honest, I probably haven’t kept up very well with the progress of the genre either, as among the names, I can only recognize one, 2Many DJs. After all, who can forget one the best various-artists-remixed compilation of all times, “As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2“? I wonder how their live set is…

Then, next week we have:
On Thursday 9th Sept:
Martelive has the first of their “end of season” nights, with Nobraino (the band they’ve actively produced and heavily supported) and Nouvelle Vague @ Alpheus (and this will be my pick, despite the fact that I’ve already see NV live. I’ve enjoyed both them and the Martelive nights)
– Italian reggae night @ Init with Boom Da Bash (still haven’t seen them, want to see them pretty badly, will miss them again this time, sigh).

On Friday 10th Sept:
– Martelive second “end of season” night with Dente @ Alpheus. (recommended, even if I’ll skip as I’ve seen him play twice already).
Telepathe @ Init (and this will be my pick, I wasn’t too impressed by their album but they’re one of those hyped bands from Brooklyn and I’m curious to see them, as I’m curious to go to Init where I haven’t been yet, shame on me!)
– E.D.I.T. Festival @ Blackout Club, with a bunch of Drum’n Bass acts (the acronym actually stands for “Emerging Drum ‘n Bass International Talents Festival”). I don’t know any of these, but it sounds like fun (kind of nostalgic, but I used to LOVE dancing to drum and bass in the late 90s!).

On Saturday 11th Sept:
– Martelive third and final “end of season” night with Musica Nuda a collaborative project between Petra Magoni & Ferruccio Spinetti (this would be my pick as I’m really curious to see their live show, but I won’t be in Rome unfortunately).
– Italian reggae night at Spartaco Parco degli Acquedotti with Mama Marjas and others (the festival really goes 9-11 Sept but she’s the only name I recognize, and we’ve already praised her, together with Boom Da Bash).

That’s it for now, it was just a hint of what’s about to happen this fall. And we’ll go with the flow…we’re ready for it!