karmanet ::
We’ve previously advertised the Italian Reggae night happening at Spartaco/ Parco degli Acquedotti, Rome, on the 11th of September, the last of a three nights event called “Roma Salta in Aria“. Our Matt has been there and, as much as we’ve praised Italian Reggae so far, his review of the night was not as positive as we expected. That certainly gave us a new perspective. Below is his view on the event (and btw: what happened to Mama Marjas??)

matt ::
In a city that blends history with modernity, a night dedicated to a genre of music that mixes and matches—reggae—seemed fitting. Even from a distance, the deep bass lines that mark the pulse of the music from the Caribbean kept the ground vibrating—a promising sign. When I finally made it to the open-air venue, though, I was slightly disappointed to find that the vibes weren’t coming from a live band, but were being blasted through large speakers hooked to a mixing table. I decided that I could still enjoy the evening, and decided to wait and see.

The night would not to live up to the expectations I had of an Italian Reggae night. Although the first DJ was rather entertaining, in that he managed to connect with the audience and keep us on our feet, weaving an entrancing relationship between him, the music, and us, the rest of the “performers” were sub-par.

Whereas the first DJ managed to keep the music varied and of good quality, juggling between reggae staples and local Italian reggae groups, the music played by the following DJs seemed to lose itself in a never-ending, incessant throb. Whereas the first DJ managed to engage the audience, despite the rather annoying fact that it was just him and another person on the instrument-less stage, the other DJs were absorbed by their discs and failed to make any sort of connection with the audience.

Finally, I was saddened to discover that the event also failed at freeing itself from the stereotype linking the music genre to the consumption of cannabis—songs praised the use of it and DJs exhorted the audience to smoke it freely, while “clouds” slowly rose above our heads.

Surprisingly enough, by the time I left, there were close to a thousand people at the venue.