Rome, 19th Sept. After getting off the 19 Tram and being totally discombobulated, I checked my map to see where I had to go. Before fumbling into my bag to find it, I noticed a hazy glare in the distance which helped me with my mission: it was Piazzale del Verano. Now, the piazza is usually kinda quiet at this time of the night, but this time it was totally illuminated with portable light fixtures and surrounded by an unwelcoming chain linked fence. I made my way over and noticed the signage over the entrance declaring the event “F.N. Della Federazione della Sinistra”. Upon entering, I noticed that the small piazza was turned into a little town, with tents set up like stores and people walking around, each carrying at least one beer. They offered items for sale from beads to tee shirts to crepes with Nutella. With most of the people carrying a good buzz, they definitely helped to support the friendly and energetic atmosphere I felt upon entering.

Sitting down with my beer, I focused my gaze on the stage, where The Lemmings, a local Rome rock band which cannot simply classify themselves under one genre; their first album lists “Rock and Roll and Surf and Reggae and Folk and Punk and Ska”. Anyways, they took about 30 to 45 minutes for their sound check and finally began their set at 10:45. Getting there at 9:45, I was starting to get a little antsy, but the wait was well worth it. The crowd at the stage in the beginning was a little tiny, but the energetic nature that their singer Ra-B brought to the area not only led more people to surround them, but also forced the greater population of the crowd to burst out in fits of dance. Ra-B’s antics were well supported by Marcolettico and Frankie on the guitars, who both played their parts well while providing the audience some excitement with their classic head banding and twists and turns. The beautiful Lila on the bass kept the two gentlemen in check with her smooth baselines while Luna backed up Ra-B perfectly with her sexy rhythm and vocals. All of these artists were held together by the beats supplied by Foga on the drums. His arms flailing in all directions was certainly a sight to behold, let alone listen to the excellent beats and solos he played throughout the set.

The one disappointment I have to say though was the size of the audience. I felt that the performance put on by the Lemmings did not deem a crowd of that size. Hopefully it was just the fact that it rained earlier in the day and people didn’t want to get their shoes dirty. Well, I know that I enjoyed the event and the music there, so I was more than happy that I made the trek there.

The Lemmings @ Piazza del Verano

:: Ed