Very seldom is a group of musicians able to produce music as one homogeneous body, and not as separate individualities. And very seldom does a group adopt a humble, reserved disposition.

During the evening of September 19th, in a metaphorical heat wave of passion, sensuality and inspiration, Esteban Morgado and his quartet achieved just those things. Violin, bandoneón, double bass and guitar blended perfectly to deliver a performance where musicians didn’t overpower or outshine one another. And in front of the awed audience of Auditorium Parco Della Musica, in Rome, Morgado’s quartet did something else that was quite astounding. Rather than indulge in the limelight, the musicians shared it, deciding to display a perfect marriage between Tango music and dance.

As the lights dimmed and a couple stepped onto stage, the music turned from performance to organic power surrounding the interlaced dancers. It swayed them from left to right, ripped them apart in anger and threw them back together with fervor. Every so often, the dancers would enter an enthralling state of slow motion, their bodies extended in acrobatic postures, the music then an extension of their heartbeats.

All in all, the last night of Rome’s Tango festival was spectacular. After the indoor performance, Morgado’s quartet played in the open-air section of the Auditorium, enabling the concertgoers to dance to their music—an enchanting way of interacting with the performers. The professional dancers then came in for a final breathtaking display, and the night eventually came to an end.
Now for some Tango lessons…

Esteban Morgado @ Auditorium Parco Della Musica

:: Matt