On Friday Oct 1st, arriving a bit late to the event, I expected to walk right on into Brancaleone and see Motel Connection playing their hearts out. What actually happened was much different. I turned the corner from where my bus stop was and literally bumped into this gentleman who first appeared to just be standing there. Upon further inspection, I discovered that he was waiting in line to get into Brancaleone, which was all the way down at the other side of the block. I found out that this guy comes here a lot and that it is usually crowded, but especially that particular night because Motel Connection was playing. I was beginning to grow excited.

After waiting for close to an hour, I handed in my €15 and walked down the steep ramp towards the venue. I fought my way past these dangling plastic “doors” as my ears were hit with music like a punch in the face. I went into the lounge area and sat down, looking around. There were plenty of people there already drinking, smoking, having a great time and there were still more who were waiting outside.

Now, Motel Connection certainly did not play my kind of music, but I can say that they were good. How does that make sense at all? Well, I deduced that due the number of people waiting to get in combined with the number of people dancing around and having a good time this band had to be something special. Hopefully next time I will not have to carry my laptop bag around in there so I can get some dancing done myself…

Motel Connection – Uppercut

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