Tonight (17th Nov) the Off Licence Party @ Locanda Atlantide features Tiger!Shit!Tiger!Tiger!, an Italian band we saw @ SXSW this year. Not only they have a pretty interesting name, but they deliver a pretty awesome show. They play punk/noise, jump up and down, do crazy stuff onstage (well, mainly the frontman) and they are very entertaining indeed. Highly suggested, but only for the brave ones.

Teatro degli Orrori is playing tonight (17th Nov) and tomorrow (18th Nov) @ Circolo degli Artisti. They’re a band that has been around for a while and they’re pretty popular; so much that apparently their show tonight is sold out! (which is pretty rare here in Rome).

SikitikiS are also playing tomorrow (18th Nov) @ Init. They’re quite a fun band from Sardegna, even though I’ve never seen them and I’m quite curious about their show.

On Saturday (20th Nov) A Toys Orchestra is coming back to Circolo degli Artisti, and you should go if you’re around and haven’t seen them playing live yet.

As I’ve seen A Toys Orchestra twice already, on Saturday I’ll check out Musicamanovella instead; they’re a new band produced by our friend Saverio Mancino, playing at Locanda Atlantide.

Then, well, there’s dozens of other shows here in Rome, if you’re curious, just check out frēstyl!

And if you’re somewhere else, keep checking frēstyl anyway and add new events!


:: karmanet