The world keeps spinning around and frēstyl is keeping pace by developing new features!

We’ve just improved one of the main features of our web service: location & geolocalization. You’ve probably noticed that frēstyl automatically uses your location to help you find the līve music events around where you are. We’ve extended this feature to apply not only to events, but also to people, artists and venues. And we’ve made automatic geolocalization much more accurate. All you have to do is to give your browser permission to share your location when you visit the improved frēstyl for the first time.

Here is a more detailed list of the improvements we’ve made:

• frēstyl has implemented the new HTML5 support for geolocalization. You’ll need to give your browser permission to let frēstyl use your location by clicking allow or share when prompted.

• From now on, events, people and venues you see will all be displayed according to your location making it easier to find out what’s happening around you.

• You can see your location in the Location Bar on the top, right-hand side of any page in frēstyl. You can change your location by entering a new address like: “New York City”, “Rushcroft Rd., Brixton, UK” or “Europe”. Changing your location allows you to explore events, people and venues near any place in the world.

• Clicking the Locate Me button (the icon shaped like crosshairs) in the Location Bar will update your location using the automatic geolocalization feature.

And for our registered users:

• For “PEOPLE”: We’ve upgraded the Hometown field of your profile settings and renamed it Current City. Your Current City must be a real place in the format of City, State/Region like: “Brooklyn, NY” or “Roma, Lazio”. Providing your Current City will help us show you līve music events happening near where you live, and help other users find out who else in their city is using frēstyl. We’ve assigned your Current City to be the last place you logged on from, so don’t forget to go update it!

• You’ll now find the Create New Event button next to the Location Bar at the top of every page: it’s easier to see and more sexy!

That’s it for now. But if you’re confused, have any questions or comments, please let us know on Get Satisfaction or drop us an email.

:: the frēstyl team