Yes we’ve been pretty busy here at frēstyl developing new features, but we haven’t given up on live music in the meantime! The truth is, we’re a bit behind with concert reviews, so we’ll be focusing on those in the following few days. Bear with us!

The 1st of October seems a long time ago already. I started the month by missing one of the concerts I marked down on my calendar (actually I had a couple for the same night, that’s not unusual). It’s quite challenging to arrive late to concerts here in Rome, but I managed to do so and only caught the last 30 seconds of the last song of Giorgio Canali’s show at Beba Do Samba. I had seen him play previously at MIAMI and was not massively impressed, even though I like a couple of his songs. I respect his past work with CCCP and CSI, and his current active involvement in the independent music scene in Italy, both as a passionate musician and as a producer. I was curious to see him at a smaller venue, in a more intimate environment, after the huge stage of MIAMI However, I was almost glad I missed the show in the end, as Beba Do Samba was packed beyond imagination, and at that time it was still too hot to be inside of a venue with that much humanity (see my previous experience of the Nouvelle Vogue gig at Alpheus).

I then managed to miss the Almamegretta show in Piazza San Giovanni (Sat 2nd Oct), ending the second day of the NoBDay2 (No Berlusconi Day) event in Rome. I’ve see this band before at least twice, and they were truly awesome on stage. That was at least 10 years ago. In the meantime they’ve broken up, got back together (not so unusual these days) and done some music which I haven’t really followed but heard was not as good as their old stuff (which was truly remarkable). I was curious to see how they were live on this stage, but hey, I was late again, and missed not only their show but the opportunity support the NoBDay2 event in person!

At last, I made it to the third show I wanted to attend that week, Oh No Ono (Tue 5th Oct). Our friend PJ had suggested many times that we see this Danish band live, and because, at the time, he was here visiting from NYC, we just couldn’t miss the change of going all together to the Oh No Ono show at Mads. It turned out that PJ was right and they are, indeed, really good. Even better on stage, at least in my opinion, than on the album (and there was the “wow” effect of: so it’s really a guy and not a girl who sings? I keep experiencing this with bands recently…).

Somehow I felt that if David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys and The Bee Gees had started a band together 30 years later, it would have sounded like Oh No Ono. They’re eclectic, psychedelic, surf, melodic, indie, and other things. They’re well orchestrated, fun to watch, never boring and they make your body move. Sometimes they may be a bit similar sounding to other indie bands like Vampire Weekend (who doesn’t like being retro, these days?), but you can still see that they have an edge, and a vision. Or at least so it seemed judging by their live performance.

Their performance became even more impressive in my eyes when we found out during the gig (but I probably could have found this out beforehand) that their keyboardist had left the band not long before. And the way we discovered that was pretty funny: a girl from the first row kept asking them to play her favorite song, and they kept refusing to the point of becoming almost rude (just when she started to be pretty annoying though). At the end, out of resources, they admitted that they couldn’t play the song because their keyboardist was not there (and everyone must have thought: why not say that earlier, dude?!?).

Anyway, keyboardist or not, make sure you don’t miss Oh No Ono if they come to play in your own town!

Oh No Ono @ Mads

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