Ouch, looks like music Collection Societies are under attack once again. They used to have a monopoly over royalties management, then came Creative Commons to undermine their kingdom, and services like Beatpick that supported alternative ways to licence music for cinema and advertisement.

Now the creators of Beatpick are bringing on a new challenge for the European Collection Societies: they’ve created Soundreef, a new service that provides background music for store chains, sport facilities and the catering industry Right now, these kind of businesses pay a ridiculous amount of money in royalties, and this money is not distributed to musicians in a righteous and transparent way, says Soundreef CEO Davide d’Atri.

To recap , this is what Soundreef does:
> provide background music, taken from its own catalogue of artists, to businesses like supermarkets and restaurants
> target the music selection to each business’ specificity and need
> make the businesses pay way less than they currently do (a 50% price cut)
> distribute the revenues transparently to musicians

And this is not just a dream or an idea, as Davide and his team have already managed to convince big supermarket chains all around Europe and have a few thousand stores in their portfolio, and a few years deal with each of them. No wonder Lventure believed in the project and funded it. I would have done it too, as I firmly support the fight against the monopoly of the Collection Societies, and I’m a big fan of Davide, one of the most brilliant and capable people I’ve met here in Rome.

:: karmanet