On the 20th of November I went to Locanda Atlantide to see Musicamanovella, a band produced by my friend Saverio Mancino of ProArt Lab (which hosted, not long ago, its first music camp, “Mind in Sound“, where we presented frestyl). It also happens that the band is from Saverio’s hometown in Basilicata, a place called Pignola.

Musicamanovella came up on stage with a 10-piece band (including a funny/fake conductor). Good thing that Locanda Atlantide has a stage which is big enough to fit bands of such size. From the start it became clear that it was going to be quite an entertaining show, happening, once again, in a quite unusual setting for the music being played (see my last review of Denise & Erica Mou @ The Place). Musicamanovella is clearly a band that has done a good amount of “training” in village fairs and weddings – the ones happening in South Italy, if you can picture them, full of people singing, dancing, and drinking till dawn. You get the idea.

Fast-paced ethnic/folk music, interlaced with jokes and anecdotes from the frontman Rocco. Songs of life and love, with a bittersweet and sarcastic take on human existence itself. Actually, the lyrics mainly seemed to be centred around the “unbearable lightness of being” a man nowadays. But it was bittersweet, with the lyrics accompanied by a rather upbeat and happy music. So much that, a couple of songs in the show, everyone was already dancing, like we were really at a summer village fair or a wedding.

It was quite entertaining, from my perspective, to see Locanda Atlantide, a place that I’ve usually seen full of Italian left-wing hipsters (the last gig I saw there was Noah and The Whale), quite composed in their chilled out way of approaching nightlife (smoking and drinking is still considered chilled, yes), loosening and lighting up with ethnic music and collective dances. It made me want to be outside, though. It made me want to feel the summer breeze around.

Anyway, Musicamanovella is definitely a band to see live. You can try to ask them to play at your wedding if you want to make people dance, but it might be too late now, as they’re getting bigger…

Musicamanovella, playing outside.

:: karmanet