We’ve got some news we are excited to share: you can now connect your frestyl profile with your Facebook account! It took a little while, but we think the features will have been worth the wait. This ain’t your grandma’s Facebook integration.

What you can do after enabling Facebook connect:
• When you create an event on frestyl, you can automatically add the event to Facebook
• When you attend an event on frestyl, you can automatically attend that event on Facebook
• Event pages will have a share button allowing you to post information about the event to your Facebook wall
• Event pages will have a link to the event on Facebook if you or another user has already added it to Facebook
• Event pages will have a link allowing you to add it to Facebook if it hasn’t been already
• Profile pages of Artists and Venues with Facebook connect will have a counter showing how many people like them on Facebook, and other users can like them directly from their frestyl profile page

Basically, from now on, you’ll be able to share what you do on frestyl with your Facebook friends as well, and spread the word about the events you create on frestyl even further!

How to set up Facebook connect:
Login to or signup for frestyl
• Go to settings
• Scroll down to the social pane and click on Connect your account next to the Facebook logo
• You’ll be asked you to log in to Facebook and to accept the terms and conditions of the frestyl Facebook application. This application allows us to do all the work like creating events for you automatically, but don’t worry, you won’t see any spam from the application on your wall, and we won’t be pulling any information out of your account without asking you first. So just click accept!
• Once you connect, you’ll see a link to your Facebook profile and the settings. You can select whether frestyl should automatically add and attend events for you on Facebook, but you will always have the option to change this at the last minute when you create or attend an event
• If you change the default settings, don’t forget to click save!

Simple and useful, isn’t it?
What are you waiting for then, just do it now!

:: the frestyl team

P.S. If you have any problems, don’t forget you can always ask us for help on Get Satisfaction!