Iori’s Eyes is a duo from Milan that I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while now. deadroxy and I saw them first at MI AMI two years ago and she was the one who insisted we didn’t miss them among all the other bands. The first time I was not too impressed I have to say, but playing on a big stage in the daylight is not the best set up for them, I think.

When I got their first EP though, And everything fits in the yellow whale, I fell in love straight away. They reminded me a lot of Electric President, with chilled out electronic songs accompanied by a sweet male voice. What struck me was that their recorded material was impressively different from their live show.

Cover of the EP Everything fits in the yellow whale. In both their EPs Iori’s Eyes have included several pages of original artwork by emerging illustrators.

So I wanted to see Iori’s Eyes playing again, and I ended up seeing them a total of 4 times. Every time it has been a different show, with the two of them, Clod and Sofia, either playing alone or with a drummer, who seems to change every time, reinterpreting the songs in different ways, sometimes turning them into ballads, sometimes making them sound almost punk rock and other times adding more an electronic feeling to them, similar to their recorded version. It’s like they’re either experimenting all the time with their live performance or are really afraid to bore the audience, and in either case it’s fine and I respect them for that.

2/3 of Iori’s Eyes at Le Mura

When we saw them last year, supporting JJ at Dimmidisì, they were more low profile and chilled out, while this year, at Le Mura, fresh from their second EP Matter of Time, they pulled out a much more energetic show. I have to say this last drummer was really adding an edge to the concert, overall much more fluid and varied than all the previous ones, to demonstrate that the band has come a long way since we first saw them a couple of years ago. Now we’re waiting for their first LP, coming out in the fall apparently, and I’ll be curious to see what kind of show they have in store next time.

2nd of the 3 videos Iori’s Eyes made for “Matter of Time”