You might have noticed that on the main People, Artists, and Venues pages there are three lucky users who get to be featured as “hot today”, “hot this week” and “hot this month”. And you might have wondered what you can do as a frestyl user to get noticed and become hot. We listened to your feedback and recently improved the way hotness works, so we’d like to give you some pointers on becoming hot!

As our user base grows we wanted to make it easier to discover the most interesting upcoming events and the users who are behind them. So we upgraded the hotness pane to showcase the users that create, participate in (as artists), or host (as venues) the most popular events. The more activity (e.g., the more attendees and recommendations) an event has, the hotter the users involved become.

If you want to become hot then you should:
1. Actively create and update events.
2. Encourage people to recommend and attend events you created, are participating in or are hosting.
3. Promote your frestyl event pages using the Facebook and Twitter social tools.

Hotness is continuously updated, so being an active user really counts. You have the opportunity to be showcased for your daily, weekly or monthly hotness. That means even if you aren’t involved in an event that is happening today, but you have a big gig coming up at the end of the month and you are already generating buzz on frestyl, you’ll have the chance to be “hot this month”. So the lesson is, make sure your events are on frestyl as early as possible and promote them as much as you can!

Don’t forget to add a badge to your website, letting your fans know that you are on frestyl. And if you have any feedback on the improved hotness system, send us an email or let us know on Get Satisfaction.

Screenshot of people’s page showing the users that are “hot today”, “hot this week” and “hot this month”.


Come avrete già notato nelle pagine principali di People, Artists, and Venues i profili di alcuni utenti hanno la fortuna di essere più visibili perché sono “hot today”, “hot this week” o “hot this month”. Questi sono cioè gli utenti più gettonati del giorno, della settimana o del mese.

Ma io, come faccio a diventare “hot”?
1. Crea eventi su frestyl.
2. Incoraggia il maggior numero di gente possibile a fare l’attend e il recommend degli eventi che crei.
3. Promuovi i tuoi eventi frestyl anche attraverso le social connection con Facebook e Twitter.

Per diventare “hot today” bisogna avere un evento che avviene il giorno stesso, mentre per diventare “hot this week” e “hot this month” è necessario avere un evento all’interno di questa settimana o questo mese che riscuote l’indice più alto di partecipazione.

Per diventare “hot” dunque la cosa migliore è inserire gli eventi con largo anticipo, se possibile, e incoraggiare attività da parte degli utenti rispetto agli eventi stessi (cioè, prima ti muovi, meglio è!).

Per migliorare la visibilità dei tuoi eventi su frestyl, ricordati di mettere il logo di frestyl con il link al tuo profilo sul tuo sito personale.

Se hai feedback da darci, scrivici un’email o inizia un thread su Get Satisfaction.

Mi raccomando, allenati a diventare hot, anche perché presto potrai vincere dei premi!

Screenshot of a “hot” event on frestyl

:: the frestyl team