Last year, while we were in New York for our series of events “Italians Do It Live” we met, through popular Italian blog NUOK, Valerio Piccolo, a talented singer/songwriter from Caserta who splits his time between Rome and New York. We went to see his show at Googie’s Lounge and were captured by the dreamy atmosphere that he was able to create.

Full time translator and part time artist, Valerio Piccolo started to collaborate with Suzanne Vega by translating her poetries, and he soon found himself playing as a supporting artist for her Italian shows, till they decided to work together on the sequel of one of her song, Freeze Tag. Valerio wanted to imagine what would happen to the protagonists of the song if they met 25 years later, so he wrote another song, called “Suono nell’Aria/Freeze Tag”, featuring Suzanne Vega herself, where he narrates, in Italian, such encounter. The song is part of Valerio’s latest EP which was released a couple of weeks ago and which he’s now promoting through a series of shows around Italy.

Valerio Piccolo’s new EP cover

He has already received a very good feedback from the public and the media, and his video for the single was premiered on Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Because we like his work and he’s grown to be a frestyl’s supporter, we’ve decided to join forces and organize a show here in Rome where he will perform his songs with other musicians in Trastevere, at Il Cantiere, on the 12th of July.

We would like to invite you all to this event, so that you’ll get to see Valerio performing in a rather cozy environment before he becomes big and famous, and we’ll take this as an opportunity to celebrate together the Roman summer. How does it sound?

:: the frestyl team