frestyl has been open for registration since last October. In these past months, not only we’ve been growing a lot, especially here in Rome, but we’ve also started several fruitful partnerships with local and national key players within the Italian emerging music scene. Some of them we’ve looked for, others have reached out to us, and in both cases it’s been a great experience so far and we’ve grateful to all of them. To us creating a web platform for promoting and discovering music is not only a technological challenge, but also a social one. frestyl is (and wants to become a more prominent) part of the music scene and all of the changes its undergoing, it wants to be on the streets, in the clubs, where the music plays and where many people work hard to make the magic happen.

In past blogposts we’ve already talked about two partnerships we’ve established, the first with the guys of Polimorfo and La Tua Fottuta Musica Alternativa and our second partnership with Rockit, the main opinion leader when it comes to Italian emerging music. We want to also mention a few others that are currently in progress, which we’ll cover more in depth in later posts.

A few months ago I met Stefano, who not so long ago decided to quit being in the organization of big music events and to start a PR firm for artists called Mypresslab, which helps support the promotion of emerging musicians. Through Mypresslab he also still organizes events, but now he focuses on increasing the awareness emerging music. Stefano asked us if we were interested in doing a partnership for the music contest Jammin’Felt, and we were more than happy to do so. Jammin’Felt takes place in a club here in San Lorenzo, Rome, called Felt, and selects emerging bands from March to November. Entering the contest is free, and Mypresslab provides the winner with an award package that includes a music video, a photo booklet, the recording of 3 songs and 6 months of free promotion with Mypresslab. frestyl will help out with promoting the festival, and eventually help out Mypresslab in promoting the winner of the contest. Jammin’Felt is only at its second edition, but it growing fast and we’re happy to be part of this effort to support local bands to overcome some barriers to breaking out and going national.

Detail from the Jammin’Felt flyer

Another Rome-based association, Martelive, has shown that this is, in fact, doable. Working on promoting art at 360°, Martelive has been holding, for more than 6 years running, a music contest that has launched some of the most promising Italian music talents such as This Harmony and Nobraino. We’ve reached out to them as they’re widely established in Rome and increasingly in the rest of Italy (we’ve already covered some of their packed music events in previous posts), but they still keep that drive and motivation that we love and want to support. So we’ve managed to partner with Martelive for their music contest which will run from May until September and culminate in a 3-day SXSW-style music fest here in Rome. That is indeed pretty exciting.

Martelive’s logo

We’ve also established a partnership with the local promoters 2manynights, a group of creative guys whose work spans from the organisation of music events to social media consulting. Indeed, I first met one of the guys, Enrico at the Ignite event during the Rome Social Media Week back in February, where I presented frestyl. I have yet to go to one of their events, but they promise to be a fun mix of artistic expressions in addition to some great music. Their next event (15th of April), for instance, will have a photographic exhibition accompanied by a band playing and a VJ installation.

Flyer from one of the events organized by 2ManyNights: U.F.O.

Finally, we’re really excited by a couple of partnerships-in-progress with summer festivals. They’re both awesome electronic music festivals set up in the picturesque locations of Foliglio, Umbria and Salento, Puglia: Dancity and Streamfest. We’ll help out not only with the promotion of these festivals but we will soon launch contests for all frestylers to get involved. So stay tuned!

Streamfest festival’s logo

Dancity festival’s logo

:: karmanet